SLTM 3/4 size Nylon string acoustic guitar

Classical guitar in color!

shipping info $139.00
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A decent 3/4 size nylon string classical guitar with a very nice finish, pleasant sound and playability, and decent intonation. Comes in a variety of different colors.

Size: 0.77 Quality:beginner

Neck: Nato   Top: Spruce   Back & sides: basswood, Nato   Overall length: 36 1/4   Scale length: 23 1/4   Nut width: 1 13/16   Body length: 17 5/8   Max body width: 13 3/8   Body thickness: 3 1/2  

Costumer Reviews:

Just ordered your 3/4 small SLTM nylon acoustic guitar (candy red), along with another competitor's model, and yours was far superior! So cute, great price, sounds really good. Sending the other one back, and keeping yours. Thanks!!

We purchased the small blue nylon string guitar for my son's 8th birthday and he loves it. It sounds decent and it looks really cool, which is just what he wanted. Since he is just learning, this guitar is perfect for now.

I recently purchased this guitar for my 7-year old daughter. I am an ex - actually very ex - B-list rock star so I know my guitars. This is a beautiful instrument both in terms of appearance and sound. All at a great price. A few notes:The intonation is a bit off, but that is normal for 1/2 and 3/4 size guitars. So one has to tune it a bit more frequently than a full-size. Also, it may be a little too large for a very young beginner. Finally, one of my wife's friends said it was the most beautiful guitar she'd ever seen.